Thursday, March 19, 2015

On traveling solo: finding self 75 miles away from home

I fantasize about travelling solo all the time but never really had the time to do it. The desire to travel solo has grown stronger lately especially with all the stress at school and life in general - but let's not go there. A couple of weeks ago, I finally messaged a friend of mine telling her: "I just booked a room for spring break! I'm really doing it this time!" and here I am right now, writing this post in a beautiful inn right across the Pacific Ocean ran by a sweet innkeeper, Jeff. 

I wasn’t planning to make this trip a spiritual one but God works in wonder and I knew for sure that it wasn’t by coincidence the topic of my bible study (that typically looks like this) for the past couple of days is something along the line of how to reconnect with God (and to hear His voice). My sweet Ahjuma, Danialle, recommended a book by Henry Cloud to bring for my trip, she also sent me a couple of questionnaires that I have to fill out during the trip and a one-day schedule that I have to follow. God bless her heart.

So where should I begin? (This is gonna be a long post, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.)