Monday, December 29, 2014

Fifty things that made my 2014

01. Got a job at Linkedin for 2k15
02. Bono!
03. Ingrid Michaelson concert
05. Jason Mraz concert
08. Spring Break in L.A
09. Drove halfway to L.A
12. The friends I make at Academy of Art 
13. My hommies back in Jakarta!!!
14. Those late night trips to Palace of Fine Arts
15. Late night Jenga / Boba with the girls
16. Coding For Seven Days
18. Cutting my bangs!
19. Clean Bandit concert
20. Broken Bells concert
21. Free Empire of the Sun concert
22. The Black Keys concert
23. Sky Ferreira concert
24. Gilmore Girls on Netflix
25. Turning 25
26. Watched Love Actually for the 9999th times
27. Waffle (Leslie Knope) necklace from Andie!
28. My little sister in L.A
29. My bro from another motha (you know who you are)
30. B├śRNS  <3
32. Spring Show Ambassador 2k14:D
34. Yes Please by Amy Poehler
36. Spontaneous late night trips to see GG Bridge
37. Spontaneous late night trips to Coit Tower
40. Jason Mraz - Yes Album
43. What If
44. VFSummit
45. ‘Terminus’ at Universal Studio Hollywood
46. Square studio tour
48. Crazy cat lady from Long Beach (hehe) 

And of course, all of these amazing things would've never happened if it wasn't for God's grace :) Here's to another great year - 2K15 I got this!

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