Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Napa Valley Trip

I haven’t posted about my trip to Napa Valley a couple of months ago with my girl friends - I guess I just don’t want to relive the part where our rented car was broken into and my friends’ stuff were taken :( Anyway, the trip to Napa was wonderful and the view there was breathtaking - we visited 3 wineries: Artessa Winery, Rutherford Hill (where we had our picnic lunch), and Castello Diamorosa. All of us were having crazy lots of fun with Napa’s breathtaking view and their delicious wines. 

That night after we got back to San Francisco, we decided that the night was still early and we didn’t want to return the car just yet so we stopped by the Twin Peaks for a quick photo sesh. And that part of the day totally ruin the whole trip for us cos someone decided to broke our car’s passenger mirror and took our bags with them :( Note to readers if you want to visit the Twin Peaks in SF: Don’t leave yo stuff in the car! My friends thought since we’re gonna be down for like 15 minutes, it shouldn’t be a problem to leave their bags in the car but apparently not :(

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