Friday, October 11, 2013

Thesis - For Seven Days

At the beginning of every year, we see ourselves jotting down New Year’s resolutions with list of things that will make us be a better person; but how much of it are we really doing? We all say we want to improve our lives but we’re not really doing anything, aren’t we? Commitment can be hard for a lot people.. that’s why we start small; we start challenging ourselves seven-days at a time. For Seven Days will help people to trigger and discover experiences that make the world a little better, one action at a time. The challenge doesn’t have to be a life-changing one like, learn how to speak French in seven days; it can be as simple as throwing morning dance party for seven days or call your parents everyday for seven days. We will be surprised by how little things like these matter in our lives.

Here are some of the moodboards that I compiled for this project.

Twenty Four

24. How did that happen? It seems like yesterday my 21-year-old-self was sitting in front of a computer thinking that one day I’m gonna move out of the tiny island, that is Singapore, and get more out of life. With the grace of God, I finally did move to the States last year - biggest decision I’ve ever made in my life yet! This year, I have nothing but a grateful heart. I have the most wonderful family who are being extremely supportive in everything I do, my idiotic bros back in Jakarta, and my beloved brothers and sisters here in San Francisco. I’m 24 and I’m utterly blessed ;)